Our agistment packages are flexible and affordable, available for short and long term agistment, including racehorse agistment. We are focused on providing a great environment, quality service, and excellent care for all horses.

Soon we will have our list of fees and agistment packages on this website, in the meantime please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs.



All stabled horses have access to day paddocking in various size paddocks.

Simply list your stable number on the Paddocking Blackboard on the day(s) that you wish your horse to go out into either general paddocks or the numerous private one horse paddocks. The stable hand will then put out your horse as part of the normal morning routine.

Stable hands can also bring your horse in late afternoon if you so desire – and feed and rug also.

Please keep in mind that if you book your farrier or vet to attend to your horse and you have not rubbed out your stable number from the previous week – then there is going to be a problem! They could be in for a long walk!

Full time paddocking available.


Agisters are welcome to engage any instructor/tutor they so desire and utilise all the facilities of the Centre. On-site training is also available for beginners to advanced – just contact us for further details.



Agisters are welcome to engage any tutor/instructor of their preference.

The tutor may enter the property and teach an agister on the appropriate arena.

Where there is a fee paid to the tutor then the lesson shall have exclusive use of the arena – free of interference from other riders. There is no additional charge for this as agisters enjoy full use of the premises.

HOWEVER it is essential that the intended lesson time be written on the Arena Blackboard at least 24 hours prior to the lesson.

This is of course because the other agisters are owed the courtesy of knowing when an arena is booked for a lesson and can plan their riding accordingly.

There are to be no multiple consecutive bookings on any one arena – excepting unusual circumstances.

An agister who is also in demand as a tutor is welcome to bring non-agisting students onto the property to utilise the facilities. A fee will be charged on a per lesson basis to use the premises. Please contact us to obtain further details.
External riding tutors are welcome to utilise the premises to teach their students. Please contact us to obtain further details.
Riders who do not agist at Gold Park may use the facilities to practise their riding skills. Please contact us to obtain further details.
In all the above whilst we will always encourage the wider riding community to seek to excel in their chosen equestrian discipline by allowing them the use of the premises – Agisters will always take first place and others will not necessarily be offered the prime riding time allocations.



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